How does it work? GREAT!! HCG is a naturally produced hormone-like substance in pregnant women that feeds their growing baby by consuming existing stored fat. Researchers have found that by injecting a small amount of HCG, it can actually help the body burn more fat and can be used to aid in weight loss when combined with a healthy low calorie diet. Will it make me feel pregnant? No. The amount of HCG drops or injections is very small and it is a hormone-like substance created during pregnancy, not a pregnant hormone. By the way -- both female and male can take HCG. Is it Safe? Yes. Dr. Albert Simeons, a British physician, has been successfully treating patients in Europe for over 50 years. This is not a new protocol; it has been tested for decades. Our clinic and our doctor is now following the protocol here in the U.S. Is it approved by the FDA? HCG is available as a prescription medicine which is FDA approved for certain uses, but is not FDA approved for the treatment of weight control or obesity. Using HCG in dieting is considered an "off label" use. Medications are frequently used " off label" to treat conditions that are unrelated to their original indications, safely and effectively. We have provided HCG to many patients around the U.S. Based on their experience and that of other physicians who have been using HCG for years, as an adjunct to a restricted calorie diet, we find it is completely safe and produces great results. Are there any side effects? Several positive side effects are associated with HCG therapy. These include: no loss of muscle mass, normalize the thyroid gland, rebuilds the adrenal glancds, balances the hormone output, replaces where fat belongs throughout the body, normalizes cholesterol levels, corrects high blood pressure and blood sugar imbalances in diabetics to where most are able to get off and stay off their medications, normalizes appetite demands, increased energy without nervousness or feeling "jittery", clearer thought processes, improved sleep at night, feeling less irritable and tightness in the skin as you lose the fat. Is it Permanent? Yes. Patients that follow the protocol in a discplined fashion and eat sensibly thereafter have experienced permanent body transformations. How long will it take?

The program consists of Four Phases

PHASE ONE: Detoxification (0-30 days; depending on the individual situation)

PHASE TWO: Homeopathic drops (23 or 42 day regimen, depending the desired weight loss)

PHASE THREE: Reset Body Metabolism (3 weeks). Transition back into the real world.

PHASE FOUR: Maintenance (for the rest of your life)