The Combo/Fat Burner wrap is our most powerful wrap.They are given to clients who have already had a Slender wrap.

First step is to wrap the client lightly with the bandages soaked in our wrap solution called “Lipase”. The client remains in this wrap for 40 minutes, getting the solution reapplied every 20 minutes. We encourage light exercising, to promote circulation.

Then we use a new solution to begin another wrapping process. This wrap stays on for 60 minutes Again light exercise is encouraged and reapplication of solution will occur every 20 minutes.

Then the client is unwrapped. The Combo/Fat Burner Wrap is a great choice for hard, stubborn bodies, and bodies with more muscle hidden underneath. Results will be seen in the first wrap. You will look and feel better.

Lose 6-20 inches in 1 hour...Guaranteed!