Slender Spa, The Body Wrap™ is the only process which offers a written guarantee with respect to the minimum inch loss and permanence of loss.

We guarantee for most women that they will lose a minimum of 6 inches on the first wrap (total inch loss from multiple measurements) or a second wrap is given free to make up the inch loss. 1

We guarantee for most men a minimum inch loss of 4 inches on the first wrap or a second wrap is given free to make up the inch loss. 2

Because our wraps are not dehydrating, we guarantee the inches lost will stay gone provided the client does not gain any weight and returns periodically for maintenance wraps (every 1 to 2 months). 3

Disclaimer: Slender Spa Body Image is not a weight loss center and makes no claims to any health or medical benefits from any of its products or services. If you have any questions about certain health conditions (including pregnancy) or medications interacting with the body wrap or any other service or product, you should consult a qualified professional. The staff at Slender Spa Body Image will be happy to fax any information to you or your health professional.

Health Information: Please be aware that this an active wrap and you will be expected to remain standing and doing light exercise for one hour. This is how the body best absorbs the solution and expels impurities. If you cannot stand without support for one hour, you may not be able to do this process. As with any spa service, you should not participate if you have any communicable disease or any open wounds. This wrap is not recommended for people with severe high blood pressure or severe circulatory problems.

  1. Exception is made for slender women, athletic types with low body fat, clients who wish to lose inches in only a few areas or pregnant women.
  2. Exception is made fro men who are slender, athletic types with low body fat or those who only wish to lose inches in a few areas.
  3. Exception is made for people who experience frequent water retention due to diet, physical aliment or other factors, which may reduce the duration of the results of the wrap.